Why I Started Blogging

I actually started blogging in 2012, I was running an Amazon beauty business and kept a blog on the side as a way to promote. I had learned about SEO, online ads and how to put together a website through WordPress. When I started blogging it was surprisingly easy.

It was a beauty blog and I would write reviews about the products. People would find my blog through SEO and follow. It was slow going and there would be days when I would get 0 views and other days I’d get 20.

I learned everything I needed to do and yet I gave up too early. In 2012, I had prenatal depression and in 2013, I had acute postpartum depression. I just didn’t have the motivation to keep up with it, even though it was showing signs of success. I quit my blog. So I forgot about my blog for a few years and even went back in 2015 to make sure I closed my old blog out and shut it down. I couldn’t stand the thought of my failed blog sitting in the blogosphere and languishing. I had lost my motivation for blogging.

So I stopped writing for a bit and focused on what made me money for some time, real estate.

But writing was never far from my mind, I always went back to it as a way to cope with my hard times and secretly I wished to make a living off of blogging. One can only hope.

I’ve written a few posts on my current job and how miserable it has made me at times.

Status Update: I’m Still Not Vibing At Work

Dealing with Toxic Work Culture

The thought of working there and until I retire at 65 seemed too daunting. I can barely make it through a days work, let alone several decades of working. I long to work for myself and be my own boss. And more than anything, I long to be able to spend time with my children and family. But what kind of job would let me do that? How would I be able to put money and food on the table?

My thoughts went back to the time when I wrote my first beauty blog. If I had kept up with it, chances are I would still be doing that full time at this point. I’m literally kicking myself for quitting. But there’s a quote that I love, “The best time to start was yesterday and the next best time start as now.” So even though I messed up by quitting too early, I could still start again and build another writing portfolio. Hating my job actually inspired me. So I picked up everything I learned with my first blog, and began rebuilding with a second one.

It’s been challenging. When I was writing my beauty blog at 22, I didn’t have money to invest in my blog. What I did have was time to write and spend on it. But now at 30, I’m literally trying to scrape time together to pull out a 1000 word post. My husband needs me, my children need me and there’s housework waiting for me.

Right now I’m on maternity leave so I’m home all the time but what happens when I go back to work? I’m praying that I have the motivation to keep this up because this is really what I want to do and I’m already strapped for time.

My mother is only getting older; I wonder what I will do when she needs help getting around the house and running basic errands. I dream of a life where I’m writing full time and can be there for her. I look ahead to the future and I want to see a life where my work is flexible. My children are getting older and they’ll want to go to do after school programs, play dates with their friends and school trips. I’m going to miss all that because I’m working and commuting a hell of a lot.

My work continues to motivate me to write, like most jobs it’s always changing and trying to be more productive. Now it’s my compensation they’re trying to change by adding another employee to take a cut of the commission pie. It has me thinking that nothing is really secure in this world and I need to find alternative ways to supplement my earnings. It feels so demeaning that I’m doing a great job and seeing my earnings slashed because upper management wants more productivity for less.

So blogging gives me hope. Hope that I can change my life, rely less on my job and be happier. It allows me to do something I love- write! And best of all I get to connect with other writers and people who love to read.

Though there are days I get like 5 visitors and it seems like I’m writing to myself, I hold out hope that I’ll find a clan that appreciates and finds my writing helpful.

So I’m in this for the long haul. With the good and the bad. Even when I don’t have time, I’ll carve it out. Because I need to have this hope that blogging can change my life.

Hello World :) September Statistics

I’ve gotten through my 5th month blogging! I also have some exciting news!

Let’s talk about the blog first, every month has been great so far in terms of traffic.  Views and visitor-ship keeps going up and up!  This month was actually my highest likes ever in a month +40!

I do have some really great news though!   I’M PREGNANT!  I found out 2 months ago.  And this pregnancy has been really kicking my ASS, it’s been hard for me to post and I know I committed to 2X a week but for Sept I don’t think I did too bad.  I only missed 1 post in the past month.  I’m committed to making this blog work so please bear with me if I miss a post.

Speaking of posts, September I did a poll on what types of posts are most popular with you readers.  Was it my motivational posts, career posts, lifestyle posts, relationship posts, or book reviews?  Surprisingly, lifestyle posts won, in second place was career posts, and last was motivational posts.  I’m not really sure what kind off lifestyle posts people are looking for, I’m still working out the types of stuff people are interested in.

If you haven’t had a chance to vote, please do so below.  I literally only had 6 votes from last week so not sure how reliable the information is, so please vote.

This upcoming month I plan on making some changes including adding a page that has the table of contents for the EVERY SINGLE POST I’ve done so far.  And that’s about 60 posts!

I did play around with the website layout a little bit.  I took away the Services tab because I thought I was going to include my services in posts, but then I realized I’d rather have the tab for those really interested instead of spamming everyone.  I also took away the popup subscription form for a while.  I wasn’t happy with the way that one looked.  I was able to syndicate with Mailchimp and create a nicer, more efficient one that is easy to close if you choose not to join.

This month I’ve increased to 50 new WordPress followers, 332 Medium followers, 10 email subscribers, 41 likes on my Facebook Page, and 17 Quora Followers.   I haven’t really been promoting outside of Facebook and a little bit on Medium, keeping up with my posts have been more of a priority.

So where am I?


Well, I ended the month with 1390 views which was 70+ more views than last month.  I was trying to figure out where I gained views.  To be honest, I had 35+ search engine searches leading to my page, which was a nice bump from last month.  I think my investment into Pinterest and Facebook has really helped, that I’ve been promoting myself very heavily there.

But the fact is that the quality and loyalty of my readership already says that this blog is on the right track, as long as you guys keep reading and sharing my work, there’s opportunity for me to take this full time and make this better.

So I’m asking you, all you readers if you enjoy this blog, please become a Patron through Patreon.  You can donate as little as $1.  But it would mean so much for me and help me support this blog and keep it going!

The Top Five Articles For This Month Were:

  1. What is Love?
  2. Why Dating Culture Doesn’t Work Towards Marriage
  3. My Best Friend Ghosted Me
  4. The Biggest Red Flags In A Relationship
  5. Dating in Your 30s vs Dating in Your 20s

Sept views

My viewership is still mainly US (where I’m from) but surprisingly I was popular with Australia with a whopping 20 views.  Canada (our close cousin) was 3rd, and then India and UK.  I just wanted to say high to you guys and thanks for reading.  I’m glad that my writing can relate to people in other countries.

Feel free to reach out to me here or comment below!

I’m interested to hear from you.

Read the rest of the series and see how far I’ve come!

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