Hello World :) September Statistics

I’ve gotten through my 5th month blogging! I also have some exciting news!

Let’s talk about the blog first, every month has been great so far in terms of traffic.  Views and visitor-ship keeps going up and up!  This month was actually my highest likes ever in a month +40!

I do have some really great news though!   I’M PREGNANT!  I found out 2 months ago.  And this pregnancy has been really kicking my ASS, it’s been hard for me to post and I know I committed to 2X a week but for Sept I don’t think I did too bad.  I only missed 1 post in the past month.  I’m committed to making this blog work so please bear with me if I miss a post.

Speaking of posts, September I did a poll on what types of posts are most popular with you readers.  Was it my motivational posts, career posts, lifestyle posts, relationship posts, or book reviews?  Surprisingly, lifestyle posts won, in second place was career posts, and last was motivational posts.  I’m not really sure what kind off lifestyle posts people are looking for, I’m still working out the types of stuff people are interested in.

If you haven’t had a chance to vote, please do so below.  I literally only had 6 votes from last week so not sure how reliable the information is, so please vote.

This upcoming month I plan on making some changes including adding a page that has the table of contents for the EVERY SINGLE POST I’ve done so far.  And that’s about 60 posts!

I did play around with the website layout a little bit.  I took away the Services tab because I thought I was going to include my services in posts, but then I realized I’d rather have the tab for those really interested instead of spamming everyone.  I also took away the popup subscription form for a while.  I wasn’t happy with the way that one looked.  I was able to syndicate with Mailchimp and create a nicer, more efficient one that is easy to close if you choose not to join.

This month I’ve increased to 50 new WordPress followers, 332 Medium followers, 10 email subscribers, 41 likes on my Facebook Page, and 17 Quora Followers.   I haven’t really been promoting outside of Facebook and a little bit on Medium, keeping up with my posts have been more of a priority.

So where am I?


Well, I ended the month with 1390 views which was 70+ more views than last month.  I was trying to figure out where I gained views.  To be honest, I had 35+ search engine searches leading to my page, which was a nice bump from last month.  I think my investment into Pinterest and Facebook has really helped, that I’ve been promoting myself very heavily there.

But the fact is that the quality and loyalty of my readership already says that this blog is on the right track, as long as you guys keep reading and sharing my work, there’s opportunity for me to take this full time and make this better.

So I’m asking you, all you readers if you enjoy this blog, please become a Patron through Patreon.  You can donate as little as $1.  But it would mean so much for me and help me support this blog and keep it going!

The Top Five Articles For This Month Were:

  1. What is Love?
  2. Why Dating Culture Doesn’t Work Towards Marriage
  3. My Best Friend Ghosted Me
  4. The Biggest Red Flags In A Relationship
  5. Dating in Your 30s vs Dating in Your 20s

Sept views

My viewership is still mainly US (where I’m from) but surprisingly I was popular with Australia with a whopping 20 views.  Canada (our close cousin) was 3rd, and then India and UK.  I just wanted to say high to you guys and thanks for reading.  I’m glad that my writing can relate to people in other countries.

Feel free to reach out to me here or comment below!

I’m interested to hear from you.

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Hello World :) August Stats

I’ve been blogging for 4 months!!! Wowzers.

August had to be my most successful month in terms of visitors and views.  Again, I want to thank all my visitors and readers for returning this month.  You guys keep me motivated and keep me wanting to write more.

There has been more engaging with my posts which I encourage! I want to know what you think and have you guys send me your thoughts.  I’ve also had some negative comments which I don’t mind either, it actually helps stir the pot and add some flavor to the conversation.  Why I took the risk and quit law school is on Medium and someone told me I was being ridiculous with my post and that I didn’t deserve what I have now and that my life was just plain luck.  I didn’t know what I’m talking about.

We’ll, trolls will be trolls but I made sure to leave a sharp but true reply back that HE didn’t know what he was talking about.  It ended up getting more support from other people on Medium so I guess bad publicity is good publicity?

But overall August was a good month!

And September will be better!

This upcoming month I plan on making some changes including adding a page that has the table of contents for the EVERY SINGLE POST I’ve done so far.  And that’s about 50 posts!

This month I’ve increased to 46 new WordPress followers, 169 Medium followers, 11 email subscribers, 25 likes on my Facebook Page, and 17 Quora Followers.

It’s been incredible!

So where am I?


I’ve more than tripled my views since I’ve started in May.  1314 views and 1089 visitors!  I’ve also broke this most views in a day record!  On August 2nd I hit 75 views.  That’s insane!  I couldn’t be happier with the response I’ve been getting for my posts.  Your readership means everything to me.

I did change my marketing strategy.  I moved some money and resources around to promote my blog.  I’m not spending more, just spending smarter.  When you realize a marketing source isn’t working for you anymore, the best thing to do is change it up.  My change in investment really made a difference the month and was overall a better ROI than what I was doing previously.

The Top Five Articles For This Month Were:

  1. Blood Is Thicker Than Water: The Power Of Family
  2. Work Smarter, Not Harder
  3. My Best Friend Ghosted Me
  4. Motivational Book Club: The Defining Decade: Why Your 20s Matter, by Meg Jay
  5. How Did That B*tch Get Rich?

This month there was incredible growth on WordPress with 27 likes and 8 new followers.  I want to encourage everyone to follow and like!  I follow and like back.

August was a hard month in terms of motivation.   I actually went away on vacation for a week, I went to Disney World with my daughter and family.  I had to squeeze 2 posts in while I was away, but I did it.  I also had a moment of negativity.  Despite having the best month ever, I was feeling down because I’m still so far from making my dream a reality: which is to write full time.

I’ve put so many hours into this blog and it’s still not 100% where I feel it should be in terms of quality posts and aesthetics.  But I can only do so much while I’m also working a 40 hour work week and taking care of my family.  Which is a silly type of thought to have because I’ve ONLY been writing for 4 months.  How successful do I expect it to be?

But the fact is that my readership already says that this blog is on the right track, as long as you guys keep reading and sharing my work, there’s opportunity for me to take this full time and make this better.

So I’m asking you, all you readers if you enjoy this blog, please become a Patron through Patreon.  You can donate as little as $1.  But it would mean so much for me and help me support this blog and keep it going!

Today I also wanted to share my viewership stats:

August countries

My traffic is mainly US, which is where I’m from so that makes sense.  But it’s nice to know that other people from other countries still find my writing relate-able. Hello Canada, India, United Kingdom, and Poland!  Thanks for viewing!

Feel free to reach out to me here or comment below!

I’m interested to hear from you.

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Hello World :) July Statistics!

blog woodenSo I’ve been at this for about three months now!  And it’s been great.  I’ve been changing a lot of things up this week trying to make the adulting 101 better.

The #1 change I’ve made is to add better visuals to the posts in terms of the stock photos I’m using.  I’m not one to take content from other people and take pictures to go with my writing without either paying or giving credit, so I ended up using a lot of the free stock photos that are available on Pixabay free stock photo website.   It’s good and all, but I felt like there just wasn’t enough diversity in the pictures I was using, especially for the ones that relate to work.  I felt like my posts were all starting to look the same and I wanted to change it up.  So I decided to invest in adobe stock-photos for $29.99 to get 10 photos a month.  They’re good quality photos and I think it’ll be a while before I run out of interesting featured photos to compliment my posts.

I’m still committing to writing only two times a week but at least 1000 words a post.  I think that commitment has made my posts better and surprisingly I’m going over that writing minimum easily for most of my articles.

This month was surprisingly slow in the beginning but I think it had a lot to do with the 4th of July holiday here in the US.  Nevertheless, I ended up switching some of my advertising and it was effective in increasing my traffic towards the end of the month.  It makes me happy to know that you guys are reading my posts and are finding me easily.

This month I’ve increased to 36 new WordPress followers, 18 Medium followers, 6 email subscribers, 4 likes on my Facebook Page, and 16 Quora Followers.  That’s pretty nice for month 3 of promoting and blogging.


So where am I this month?  Well, I have more views than EVER!   I’ve already broken 550 unique views!  I’ll easily get to 580 unique views before the end of the month!  I also had my highest views ever this month.  On July 11th I broke 42 page views!

My top 5 articles this month are:

  1. How Do People Afford To Live In NYC?
  2. Developing Personal Style: The Manly Edition
  3. Why I Took The Risk And Quit Law School
  4. My Best Friend Ghosted Me
  5. I Survived A Toxic Manager

Compared to last month, my top 3 articles of 2018 are:

  1. Overcome Your Anxiety. 5 Ways I Worked To Overcome Mine
  2. On Gratitude…
  3. Hello World 🙂 June ’18 Statistics

This month I’ve only had a total of 18 likes and 5 new WordPress Followers and overall my search engine traffic has been lower, so the organic traffic has been slower BUT my promotion, advertising, and return readers are making up the difference.  I’m still beating June’s visitor numbers.

July 1

My readership this month was mainly from US, then India, Philippines, Australia, and the United Kingdom.  I’m glad my posts have been able to reach a global audience, it’s truly astounding how easily people of different countries can relate to posts.

This month I did struggle with some writers block. For about a week and a half, I struggled to get words on paper.  This usually happens when I’m distracted with other things, I was posting a lot on my personal Instagram and was preoccupied with that.  I got my head in the game though, I usually keep topics that I want to write on a list.  That way, if I run out of things to say or write, I kind of have a starting point.

I want to send a specific shoutout to my new 4 email followers. With the popup subscription signups, I don’t share any information.  It’s just a great way to stay connected and up to date with my posts.

Feel free to check out my progress with my last two statistics posts:

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Thanks so much for the support!  Feel free to follow, like and share! 🙂


Hello World :) June ’18 Statistics

I made it to month 2!! Yes, I’m going strong and not quiting. It’s been an incredible month with a lot of interesting changes, posts and updates!

I’m still committing to posting twice a week and right now it doesn’t look like I can post much more.  I’m making an effort to write quality posts that are at least 1000 words. I’ve also made some changes to the font. My sister candidly told me that she hated typewriter font and thought it was harder to read. I guess I chose that font because it made me feel more like a writer?? Regardless, if she found it hard to read, then likely you did too so I opted for the current font which hopefully is more palatable.

I’ve also added a subscribe popup. I know, I know, popups can be annoying and irritating but you can always say no and you can always unsubscribe. I have really great ideas for this blog and and I want to be able to integrate a polling system for subscribers.   That way I can have a better idea of what you like to read about and focus on topics that are enjoyable. At this time, my topics include my motivational book club, work life, career advice, motivational posts, and relationship advice.  I kind of want to keep an eye out on what’s popular and keep that going.

I also want to say thank you! I now have 32 subscribers from WordPress and 2 email subscribers. A quick shout out to Melanie for being my first email subscriber who is not my sister! Hell-to-the-yeah! You’re my number one right now!

Now let’s talk social media. I want to remind everyone that I’m on Facebook and have a Facebook page there, if you’re a regular FB user you can just follow my page. I’ll send posts for new articles and keep you updated. I’m also on Pinterest, and honestly I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing there but feel free to follow or “pin” me if you are more of a Pinterest user. I’m on Quora, which I’ve really learned to love and engage in. I’ve been answering a lot of questions there and it’s inspiring me in terms of being able to write more post or at least having backup posts for when I’m on vacation or just having writers block. (Writers block does happen). Lastly, I’m on Medium, which is another blogging type platform. My posts are really only available for paying members of Medium and is a curated version of adulting-101.org of my best and most popular posts. I fully intend to make adulting-101 the number one spot for my writing so stay tuned. 🙂

Now for the stats!

It’s been a sort of quiet month but I’ve been hustling to make it happen by promoting on social media and keeping up my posts.

This month I already crossed 450 unique views and 307 visitors. I think before the month is over, I can make 490 unique views which would be a nice bump in traffic from May’s total of 441 unique views.

June Visitors

WordPress Reader has been a little quiet for me with only 13 likes for my posts and 9 new followers. Follow me, because I follow back!  I will admit,I probably should be reading more of other people’s content and liking and commenting more. I’m trying to make time between writing and working full time but I’ll get there.

I was pleasantly surprised to see almost all of my posts on adulting-101 were visited at least once, even older ones. This indicates that readers are reading several different articles and that my SEO is working and people are finding me through search engines.

June posts

My three most popular posts this month were:

1)Motivational Book Club: The Defining Decade: Why Your 20s Matter, by Meg Jay

2)Dating in Your 30s vs Dating In Your 20s

3) Be Charismatic By Mastering Small Talk

My three most popular posts of 2018 were:

1)Overcome Your Anxiety. 5 Ways I Worked To Overcome Mine

2)On Gratitude…

3)Top 6 Ways To Maintain A Work Life Balance When Your Job Is Stressing You Out


This month I also had a very diverse audience mainly from United States, India, and United Kingdom.  I want to say Hi to all my other readers in the Philippines, Pakistan, South Africa, Ireland and elsewhere! Thank you!

Thank you so much for your readership this month! I want to remind you all to subscribe!

Hello World :) May Statistics

So I’ve been blogging very seriously for 1 Month!

May seem very promising and I want to thank you all for investing the time for reading my blog.  This is my second attempt at blogging and I intend to take it as far as I can go!

I’m working full time and only have time to commit to 2 blog posts a week.  I’d like to commit to more but just can’t get to finding more time without seriously slacking at work or at home.  So each month I’ll only be posting about 8-10 posts.

That’s obviously not enough to garner interest or a following very fast so I’ve decided this month to invest in some (Gasp) advertising.   It’s a little pricey but I realized that I’m not going to be able to drive enough traffic unless I’m posting more and also using social media like it’s my life blood. I don’t really have time for all that so I decided an initial investment was worth testing out.

This month I also realized that I probably signed up with the wrong Host. I should have dug a little deeper on how to best start a blog, but oh well.  Wordpress Business services is a little slow of a server so my website has been redirecting and takes a little longer to load than it should.   At this time it’s not a huge issue since my traffic isn’t large enough and maybe once I get better traffic I can negotiate with them to get faster load time.  Otherwise I’ll go with a competitor with better results.  (I’ve used WordPress before and would prefer to keep it all in-house).   Just a thought at this time on how to increase blog traffic.

So this month I’m at nearly 400 views!!


Woop Woop! I’m very pleased.  This is mainly driven by advertising traffic for my blog but this is a start!  There have been some revisits and I’m retaining at about 10% so I guess that means my content is solid.


I’m US based so that’s my audience but I’m excited that I’m reaching a global audience as well.  Hello India, United Kingdom, Philippines, Pakistan, South Africa, Ireland, Cameroon, Uganda and Ghana!

Pages viewed

My most popular post was tied between  Overcome Your Anxiety and Top 6 Ways to Maintain a Work Life Balance

I also have a few curious readers that wanted to know more about me and my services!  Pretty cool!


My traffic has been driven mainly by my Ads, WordPress Reader and organic leads through search engines.   I love my WordPress Readers, I know you’re looking at this so please follow!  I follow back!

Right now I have 23 followers and 17 new likes!!! This is amazing! But seriously I want more friends! I’m learning how to drive more traffic to my blog in 2018!

This month I’ve also created a Facebook Page, Find me on Facebook,and a Pinterest page.

I’ve also made an effort to SEO the sh*t out of this blog, but I’m still new to that; hoping for results soon.  Once I figure that out I’ll be sharing my SEO strategies for my blog

So, Hello World :), join my discussion!

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